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krishna nee begane baaro

begane baaro ,mukhavanne thoro


kallalandhigi gejje nilada baavuli

nelavarnane natyamadutta baaro


odiyalli udugejje berallali ungura

koralalu haakitta vaijayanthi maale


kashi peethambara kaiyalli kolalu

pusida srigandha maiyollu gagamma


taayige baayali jagavannu thoridha

jagadhoddaraka namma udupi sri krishna


Annamaya's Sankeertanams


Annamayya's songs, which he considered as "flower-offerings" to God are his outstanding achievements. In themh e praises Venkateswara, describes his love for Him, argues and quarrels with Him, meditates on His attributes, confesses his failures and apprehensions, and surrenders himself to Him. Traditionally his songs are classified into AdhyAtma and SringAra samkIrtanAs.


Click here on this link to read more on his indivisual Sankeeratanams.


Lord Srinivasan and Karnatic Music


The Lord of the seven hills has inspired the divine Azhwars and the great upasakas of Karnatic music to offer their soul-stirring music as nada naivedyam to Him.


The poet-musician, Talapaakam Annamacharya has composed countless adhyadmika, sringara and upachara krithis on the Lord. He is considered the amsam of the sword of the Lord Srinivasa celebrated as Nandakam. He was a sishya of Sri Adivan Satakopa yathi, the founding jeeyar of Ahobila Matam. In one?of his moving krithis in praise of the Lord's most sacred feet,"Brahma Kadigina padamu", Annamacharya declared: "These are the feet washed by Brahma during Trivikramavatharam in Satya Lokam. They are verily Brahman, the immortal and universal?truth. These feet fulfilling the heart-felt desires of parama yogins prove that Thiruvenkatam is parama padam (Sri Vaikuntam) ".


Carnatic music trinity Carnatic music TrinityAmong the other great Karnatic musicians, Purandara Dasa, Saint Thyagaraja and Muthuswami Dikshithar and others of recent times have offered their musical salutations.



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