Sri Venkateswara Ashtotthram - Naamam 58


Naamam 58:

AnEkAthmanE Nama:


One who is the owner of countless(all) JeevAthmans.Our Lord is the SarvasEshi , the owner of all sentient and insentient beings. He is the Master (Swami) and weare His "sotthu" (property ).


Lord VenkatEsan is the Supreme Lord , who is the owner of ALL sentients and insentients. All of them are only His aspects of splendour (prAkAraa) and are not independent . This is the Tatthvam : We , the jeevans as Seshans are subservient to Him and dependent on Him as our unquestioned Master (Seshi). We are His property. Infinite is His splendour and Infinite is His bliss. He treasures us . Infinite indeed is the count of Jeevans owned by Him.