Sri Venkateswara Ashtotthram - Naamam 87


Naamam 87:

AnaghAya Nama:


" One who is free from sins inspite of being born in the middle of SamsAram during His vibhava avathArams as Raama and KrishNa. He is not subject to KarmAs like humans "


Agham means sins. Besides Agha, Vedam uses three more words to describe Sins: Paapa, amhas and yEnaa. The Paapam is the sin of the mind arising out of thoughts forbidden by SaasthrAs. Atharva Vedam asks those Paapams to leave the mind (ParOapEhi manaspApa:). Atharva Vedam has many more manthrAs to banish the paapams from the mind (AV.IV. 23-29).


Rg Vedam has a famous set of Manthrams (RV. I.97.1-8) , where the refrain is " May we get rid of the Sins/agha " (apa na: sOsuchadhagham).This series of ManthrAs conclude with the UpadEsam that our Lord alone would help us to get across the ocean of sins as one travels across on a safe boat (Sa Na: Sindhumiva nAvayAthi parvA svasthayE, apa na: sOsuchadhagham).