After Poigai, bhootha, Pey, Thirumazhisai Kulasekara and ThiruppANAzhwAr anubhavams, let us now continue on PeriyAzhwAr anubhavams also the time is ripe with AndAL TN just celebrated. PeriyAzhwAr and His darling daughter AndAL would be pleased with this incidental synchronization of the series and bless us with more and more kaimkarya ruchi.


Befroe we dwell upon AzhwAr’s verses: let us enjoy the Thaniyans [invocatory verses on PeriyAzhwAr: as these verses themselves- kind of tell us the life history and greatness of AzhwAr very beautifully.


1st thaniyan- composed by Sri NAthamuni:



guru mukam anadhIthya prAha vEdhAn- asEshaan

nara pathi pari kluptham sulkam AdhAthu kAmaha:

svasuram amara vandhyam ranganAthasya sAkshAth

dhvija kula thilakam tham vishNu chittham namaami



The AzhwAr- who is the thilakam of Brahminhood; who is respected and worshipped by even Devas; who is the father-in-law of Sri Rangnathan; who wished to succeed getting the prize bag of gold coins, arranged by king Vallabha devan (narapathi:) in order to establish the Supremacy of Sriman Narayanan as the PARATHVAM in the debate, without any learning formally from Acharyan (teacher) to that AzhwAr, I bow down to and prostrate.


Here abhinava dESika Sri UttamUr Swamy beautifully lists different interpretations on this anadhIthyam- (without learning):


1. anadhIthyam means: without learning. Then, why the word Guru is required. Isn’t it superfluous Swaram,Grammaer, niruktham, the meaning of VaidIka padhams are all explained by the Guru and that can be learnt only from Acharyan. Hence, Gurumukham anadhIthya conveys this crystal clear.


2. gurmukham also can be linked to prAha giving a different meaning: prAha means: explained or taught. He explained as if he had taught the Vedas as guru for some time (few years perhaps.).


3. gurumukham can also be linked alternatively to the assembly of Vedic scholars, Selva Nambhi (the minister of the king, who is also knowledgeable and who guided the king to get this doubt clarified, thereby Parathvam of Lordship can be established). Means: Having them (as Gurus- thus- Gurumukham) in the front, he explained the Vedic Truths.

Two dedicatory verses by PaaNdiya Bhattar:


Minnaar thadamathiL soozh villiputthoor enRu orukaal

Sonnaar kazhaRkamalam soodinOm ?munnaaL

kizhiyaRuththaan enRuraiththOm keezhmaiyiniR chErum

vazhiyaRuththOm nenjamE! Vandhu



Oh mind! (nenjamE) - You helped me. Thus, (with your helpful nature in co-operating), we are able to adorn the head with the lotus feet of BhagavathAs who have uttered the name Srivilliputtur (which is surrounded by glittering tall ramparts like Gold) even once. When raised doubts in King Vallabhadevan’s sabhai as to who was the Parathavam [Supreme Lord], it is PeriyAzhwAr who cleared their doubts (that made the bag of coins tear and) he won the prize. By uttering that GREAT incident (event) alone, and with AzhwAr sambandham thus, we are able to get rid of the past wrong path and destination, that we were heading to (adhOgati) (which is further births and deaths!)


When AzhwAr is there at that Divya Desam, how can there be dharidhram (and hence, gem stone laden Golden ramparts). When there is kizhi ArutthAn (the bag tearing.), there will surely by keezhmaiyin sERum vazhi aRutthOm- the path that could have led us to wrong destinations (of dEvathAndhara sambandham, kShUdhra purushaartham- asking something like a kilo of vegetable from a King etc....). With AzhwAr?s Paradevatha nirNayam, we are able to get rid of that path, be blessed with AzhwAr sambandham and know what we want (eternal service) and who only can Grant and also how.


paaNdiyan koNdaada Bhattar piraan vandhaan enRu

eeNdiya sangam eduthu oodha ?vENdiya

vEdhangaLOdhi viraindhu kizhiyaRuththaan

paadhangaL yaamudaiya paRRu



King Vallabhadeva announced the victory of PeriyAzhwAr (Bhattar Piraan) and conferred the title Bhatta nAthan. He also declared for a huge procession of AzhwAr on the Royal elephant He took the curved Conch Shell and blew in honor of the victory and to celebrate the success of PeriyAzhwAr who had established in such unambiguous terms, the Parathvam of Sriman Narayanan quoting the relevant sections from Vedas at the Sabha. Such Great PeriyAzhwAr’s Lotus Feet are our refuge.


1. Here, sangamadutthu means: The conch is placed inside the mouth (for blowing) madutthu.


2. It could also be sangam adutthu- uninterruptedly


3. eeNdiya sangam- (gathered sanga poets- scholars)-In the assembly, when the scholars mentioned the Poorva palsham (the arguments against Sriman Narayanan’s Parathvam)..


(SrI UttamUr Swamy gives such nuances in his great commentary.) Also Sri UttamU Swamy writes: First, King announced Bhattar Piran vandhAn (Here comes Bhattar Piraan), when he just entered the Sabha before even stating the Parathva nirNayam. Then, when he won, he celebrated by blowing uninterruptedly the conch due to the king’s happiness.

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