machchodumaaLikaiyERi maadhar_kaLthammidampukku

kachchodupattaikkizhiththuk kaampudhukilavaikeeRi







Oh GovindhA! One who stands on top of the lofty peak of Thirumalai! Oh my dear one, who engages daily in so many, pranks such as climbing the upper stories of neighbor’s mansions and tearing to, shreds the upper garments (Kacchu) and gold bordered, silk saris of young girls stored in the women's quarters! Please come here and permit me to decorate Your freshly combed hair with the ever green maruk kozhunthu and the red paathiri flowers.


In PeriyAzhwAr Thirumozhi gave a wonderful bath to Kutti. Then in 2.5- she asked (in order to divert Kutti's attention and crying while combing the long black tresses) crow to come near and comb the hairs. Kutti believes that crow actually is combing :-)


In 2.6- Kutti is seeing other boys going behind cows and calves for rearing them with sticks in their hands. Kutti is excited at that and tries to get up asking for a stick. YasOdhA appeases Him by again calling the crow to bring a stick for Kutti KaNNan.


Now Kutti is all dressed up. YasOdhA wants to decorate the freshly combed tresses of the Lord with fresh and fragrant flowers. The restless son looked out of the window and saw His playmates getting ready to take the cattle to their grazing places. KrishNA was in a big hurry to join His playmates on their trip to the forest. He asked His mother for the shepherd's crook (stick). YasodhA once again tricked Him to keep Him at home to enjoy His Company.


She said "Oh my son! The Crow that came to help me comb your hair has run off with your crook. Let me call it back and ask it to bring back your crook. KrishNan is persuaded to wait until the crow brought the stick.


After her cheating game went on, YasOdhA invited KrishNA to stay still so that she can enjoy decorating her Lord's shiny black hair with many kinds of fresh flowers. In decad 2.7 known as pUcchUttal, PeriyAzhwAr transforms himself into the fortunate mother, YasOdhA, and enjoys the experience of touching the silky hair of the Lord and decorating it with Jasmine, red lily, Hibiscus and other beautiful flowers.



aaniraimEykkan^eepOdhi arumarundhaavadhaRiyaay ?

thEniliniyapiraanE! seNbakappoochchoottavaaraay



Oh most merciful, Parama upakArakA! great helper, who is sweeter than honey and jaggery! The people of this world do not realize your grace (anugraham) is the sole curing medicine for destroying the disease of Samsaram and the elixir as well for the enjoyment of the nithya sUris in Sri Vaikuntam. My neighbors make fun of you for drinking fresh milk stored in their pots right out of them and yet they are delighted that you blessed them with your visit to their houses. Oh the most beautiful one         (    SukumArA), You are ready to run off and follow the cattle in the forest through the rough and tumble and are going to be exposed to the harsh rays of the mid-day Sun . Let me first decorate first Your hair with freshly picked CheNpakA flowers. Please come here and stand still until I complete the decoration.


karuvudaimEkangaLkaNdaal unnaikkaNdaalokkumkaN_kaL?

maruvimaNamkamazhkinRa mallikaippoochchoottavaaraay. 2



Oh my beautiful one! When I enjoy your unsurpassable beauty with my eyes, they become cool as if I am looking at the water-laden rainy clouds. Oh Lord with the incomparable beauty of eyes ! Oh my Swami who redeemed this world with auspiciousness through your incarnation! Oh the auspicious principle behind your consort, who is the embodiment of all auspiciousness (MangaLAnAm cha MangaLam, Thiruvukkum ThiruvAhiya selvA)! You are resting at Sri Rangam in response to your dear consort, MahA Lakshmi's prayer to rescue the samsAris of this world (LeelA VibhUthi). Please come near and wear the jasmine flowers of everlasting fragrance. [Thanks to Sri Satakopan Swamin for his permission to make use of is translations here]


Fatcs about Tirumala Venkateshwara Swamy

Lesser known fatcs about Tirumala Lord Venkateshwara Swamy


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